1A High Strength Materials
1A (1) Seto Bridge Japan
1A (2) Techno-Superliner
1A (3) Superfine Metal
1A (4) Hardening by Grain Refinement
1A (5) Strength of Steel for Practical Use
1B Strength and Formability of Automotive Steel Sheets
1B (1) High Strength Steel Sheets
1B (2) Bake-hardenable Steel Sheets
1C Cleanliness and Fatigue Life-Bearing Steels-
1D Orientation Control and Iron Losses
1D (1) Electrical Steel Sheets
1D (2) Reduction of Iron Losses in Electrical Steel Sheets
1E Stabilized Rust and Corrosion Resistance
1E (1) Atmospheric Corrosion-resistant Steels
1E (2) Materials for Automobile Exhaust Systems
1F Computational Materials Science
1F (1) Present Level of Computational Materials Science
1F (2) Simulation of Grain Growth
1F (3) Expressing Crystal Orientation by Computer Graphics