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Name :
JFE 21st Century Foundation (Public Interest Incorporated Foundation)
Date of Establishment :
6th December 1990

History and Purpose of the Foundation

In 1990, Kawasaki Steel Corporation established "Kawasaki Steel 21st Century Foundation" in commemoration of the company's 40th Anniversary with the aim of achieving an open presence in society and growing in coexistence with society. Over the 12 years upto 2002 for the purpose of promoting the development of the 21st century steel industry and contributing to the creation of a more abundant life culture, the Foundation carried out study and reseach by itself and support for technical reseach in universities, as well as activities which contribute to regional development and international interchanges related to the 21st century steel industry both in Japan and in other countries.
In September 2002, Kawasaki Steel Corporation consolidated its business operations with NKK Corporation to create "JFE Corporation Group". Accompanying this merger, "Kawasaki Steel 21st Century Foundation" was renamed "JFE 21st Century Foundation" in April 2003.
Becaurse of the Authorization of “Public Interest Incorporated Foundation” in April 2012, JFE 21st Century Foundation continues to conduct Business for public interest purposes.
The new organization will expand and improve its activities to this end while continuing to honor the aims and purposes of the foundation in cooperation with the JFE group.

Management (All part-time)


Kazuhisa Azumi Professor Emeritus, Hokkaido University
Hiroshi Umemura Professor Emeritus, Chuo University
Koji Kakigi Senior Advisor, JFE Holdings, Inc.
Masahiro Susa Institute Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Kunihiko Nakashima Professor, Kyushu University
Kouichi Myochin President and CEO, Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd.
Masayuki Hirose President and CEO, JFE Steel Corporation

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Yoshihisa Kitano President and CEO, JFE Holdings, Inc.

Representative Director

Masashi Terahata Executive Vice President, JFE Holdings, Inc.


Makoto Kobashi Professor, Nagoya University
Yoshihisa Suzuki Advisory Member, ITOCHU CORPORATION
Yoshinobu Tsutsui Chairman, Nippon Life Insurance Company
Yoshinori Hirata Professor Emeritus, Osaka University
Tadashi Furuhara Professor, Tohoku University
Masafumi Maeda President, Kyoto University of Advanced Science
Masao Yoshida Honorary Advisor, Furukawa Electric Co.LTD


Toshihiro Tanaka Senior Vice President, JFE Holdings, Inc.
Kazunori Tanigami Certified Public Accountant

as of June 25, 2024

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