3A Basic Principles of Plastic Deformation and Heat Treatment
3A (1) Structures of Iron and Steel
3A (2) Changes in Structure by Heat Treatment
3A (3) Changes in Structure by Plastic Deformation
3B Basic Principles of Rolling
3B (1) Two-dimensional Deformation Theory
3B (2) Deformation of Rolling Mill
3B (3) Strip Thickness Control
3C Methods of Manufacturing Flat-rolled Products
3C (1) Manufacture of Strips and Plates
3C (2) Dimensional Accuracy
3C (3) Profile Control
3C (4) Rolling Control
3C (5) Continuous Annealing
3C (6) Hot Dip Coating
3C (7) Electroplating
3D Methods of Manufacturing H-beams
3E Methods of Manufacturing Steel Tubes and Pipe